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keeper's log: 2000

24 Dec 2K  Completed the SPM exams (last one on 28 Nov), finished Red Alert 2, worked out some website problems, got a temp job paying twenty-five bucks a day, and got pickpocketed at work just a week ago. It was a fine wallet... I can tell you I'm suffering a greater loss than the Democrats are. (But I was smart enough to not keep my original IC in it... phew!)
    The long awaited Netscape 6 is now up for grabs! It's a big deal to you, me, Webmasters, Web users, the Web itself, and... oh yeah, Microsoft too. Check out this article about how bigadeal it is to all of the above. Meanwhile, I recommend you download it and give it a go yourself.
    There's still so much I'd like to do for the Den; it's a sad little thing really... and the 'thickness' of the guestbook is just one clue (hint hint, people: fill it up!). I'm planning to add a lot more interesting content here... it's just that I'm in the way. Procrastination, man's worst enemy.
    A lot of people are fasting this month of Ramadhan. Since it'll be over in three more days, I'm wishing the steadfast ones selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I myself did fast for one afternoon, after that disappearing wallet incident...
    "It's Christmas time in the city"... Did you know that it's KK's first Christmas as a city?
    Yep, it's that time of year again, so as usual the Den is celebrating with the exclusive Poinsettia skin.

31 Aug 2K  Psst... I'm back. Nope, haven't taken the exams yet. Not until November. Yeah, call it lack of willpower. Couldn't stay away for too long. Hey, I did abstain for about a month, right?
    X-Men was great. Congrats to Bryan Singer, who never picked up an X-Men comic as a kid, until the job called for it. I know some expected an all-action sci-fi flick, but the emotional and political sides are what really brings out the story. Two thumbs up: one for the effects, the other for the depth that the X-Men deserves.
    Fans of the animated series know what's different in the big-screen adaptation. Mystique is blue and naked, Storm doesn't talk to the sky, the Prof has a low budget alternative to the hoverchair, Jean doesn't grab her head when she performs a telekinetic feat, and... there's no yellow spandex.
    The movie also featured a young Iceman/Bobby. And did you spot Jubilee? That must be her, because nobody else dresses that loudly.
    Getting back to reality, the trial exams are around the corner. Better get serious now. I should, in the words of Ray Park's character Toad, "quit playin' around."
    Skin is Jalur Gemilang, to commemorate National Day. Makes the site look like one big giant flag.

1 Jun 2K  I've got good news and bad news.
    The good news, well... applies only to Malaysian Stargate SG-1 fans... local station TV3 in their right state of mind finally put the series' long awaited Season Two on, after leaving us for over a year with the last season's cliffhanger. What's with the wait? Some may already know that the show is at the end of Season Three in some parts of the world by now.
    Now seriously, the bad news: The Den will not be updated for the next few months, not until the SPM exams at the end of the year. As I'll be shunning myself away from online life till then, I also won't be replying to any email or message anytime soon. I'll be busy cramming. Just wish me good luck.
    If you are sitting for the exams, I wish you the same. If you, by any chance, are going to be my examiner, go easy on me okay?
    Skin is Warm Cuppa, which is exactly what I need right now. Gotta get working on my Add Maths...

18 May 2K  I hate responsibilities. But they and I can't keep away from each other. They're great to have because they make you look good. Until you had too many of them. Like this website. This freaking website need to be tended to almost all the time. And I promised myself so. Dufus!
    Development has been very very very slow as one might deduce. The Den has been around for almost, like, a year and it's still rather rudimentary. I finally took the time to give the links page a chance and also create a guestbook for the Den. So sign it. I know you want to. You cannot resist. It's all that matters. (are you scratching the itch already?)
    Skin is Deep Blue, to reflect how I feel about semester exams.

22 Apr 2K  After all those AMAs, Grammys and Oscars in the past several weeks, Malaysians still have the pleasure of watching their own Grammys, the AIM awards. Wonderful show. I won't comment too much on it, cause I already did on the Catcha.com Music Forum.
    The news is out: Netscape is back on track! Netscape 6 Preview Release 1 is available for download. Among the great things I've heard about is that it now implements 'hover' on links, which was before only supported by IE (Web authors will be happy now). And it's size is smaller than previous versions; the code has undergone a major overhaul to increase efficiency. But be reminded that it's only Preview Release, so you might not want to download a copy just yet. I'll be patiently waiting for the Official Release.
    The Den's been on an overhaul itself, though not so 'majorly'. First of all you may notice that on some pages the navigation bar is on the right hand. I want to keep the Den from being too orderly and uniform like so many dotcoms. And also, following an article criticizing the all too common left-hand navigation bars (with the most common navbar color being yellow).
    I've also updated the content of most pages. What's left (hardly touched actually) is the links section, cause I have so sooo many to even begin organizing.
    And finally a new skin called Rainforest. Happy Earth Day!

11 Mar 2K  So how did you like the Grammys? It's been a "Suddenly Santana" for these recent years, so I expected guitar legend Carlos Santana to win that whole bunch of awards.
    Comedianne host Rosie O'Donnell, being queen bitch, was expeditiously insulting as many persons as she possibly could. Rumor has it that Whitney Houston in the audience held up the finger when O'Donnell spat out a remark about her.
    Jennifer Lopez's unforgettable dress will definitely go down in fashion history; people debated on how she probably used tape to keep the dress onto herself.
    The Best New Artist match between Spears and Christina Aguilera was won by the latter. I think she deserves it; her excellent performance in the recent American Music Awards won me over. Spears on the other hand always makes me sick.
    Skin is Jalur Gemilang, for no particular reason.

1 Feb 2K  Things are happening here at home. On 2nd February 2K, hometown Kota Kinabalu will finally be elevated to city status. Dubbed first new city of the millennium, KK is to hold a colossal celebration with fireworks and everything. This explains the decor lights everywhere and the school bands stretching out so early in the year.
    Know what's great about it? Besides expecting better standards of living, we can now call ourselves 'city slickers'.
    And following City Day, we'll be celebrating Chinese New Year of the Golden Dragon on 5th Febuary. So for the sake of appropriateness, I'd like to wish everyone productivity, prosperity, luck and longevity for the new year and millennium!
    ...And what better way to wish than with a very special skin I call Dragon Hide.

1 Jan 2K  For the past few days, I had to put up with the lamest Y2K jokes from the masses of adults around me. If anything went wrong ("He's late"; "It's not working"; "Damn newspaper's not printing things right"), a line with 'Y2K' in it would be uttered, followed by a feeble laugh.
    One example was an afternoon at home when the radio wasn't working. Mum did the above. I, on the other hand, discovered the loose plug.
    Unfortunately, grownups were not the only ones being so ridiculous. This case of imbroglio was the saddest I've ever heard: A friend of mine turned back the clock on his computer... and thinks he's a genius. (like that's original!) Well, I think he's chicken. Hell knows how many idiots are so close to me.
    As Third Millennium Day drew closer, I freaked myself out thinking: I should be at a party somewhere! Or at least obtain some firecrackers illegally! Then... as we came to only a few hours away, I figured: What's the fuss? This feels like any New Year's Day—at home, watching TV, only with the family trading bad Bug jokes this time.
    But it was hard to question the very significance of the year 2K; and yet witnessing the world on live television, holding a celebration of human unity, for a time within the one complete rotation of the planet labeled 1st of January 2000.
    Cheers to the 21st-century!
    Skin is Deep Blue, for a weakly futuristic look.

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