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I share with you some of the coolest stuff on the Net. That I know of.

I'm picky when choosing downloadable software. The best attributes that get my vote would be as follows: freeware, 1MB or less, and does not require an installation procedure. Programs like these can be carried around in a floppy disk and attatched to emails without looking like an evil inboxhog madperson. If you know one with at least one of the mentioned features, and recommendable, tell away.

Click on an item's title to download, or click "home" to visit it's official page and get more details. Everything featured here have been used and reviewed by yours truly. I recommend them under most circumstances, but be warned that some are strictly for experienced users.

For all you progheads: some of the featured software here have their source code included. I've indicated this with, well, "Source included." Duh.

Text Utilities

ClipTrak  Fed up with searching for the perfect Clipboard enhancement? Look no further, I found this one and got stuck to it. This system tray tool can store limitless strips of cut/copied text. Source included. Look for the Free Utilities section in PC Magazine Online.
| home | size: 165K | status: freeware | install: no |

WordWeb  A powerful thesaurus/dictionary that can be run on its own or intergrated into your word processor. WordWeb includes definitions, synonyms, antonyms, even geographical names and common phrases, and many other word relations.
| home | size: 4.38M | status: freeware | install: yes |

WriteExpress Rhymer and Phonetic Finder  Find a rhyme in no time! WriteExpress Rhymer is great for poetry and songwriting. Search for end rhymes, beginning rhymes, last or first syllable rhymes, double and triple rhymes. This is a feature-limited demo.
| home | size: 1.02M | status: crippleware | install: yes |

ExamDiff  Small and fast visual text file comparing tool, with lots of convenient features. Color-coded difference highlighting, edit and re-compare files on the fly, and even command-line support. Useful when working with multiple versions of text documents and especially source code; HTML, C, Java, etc.
| home | size: 286K | status: freeware | install: no |

EditPad  Best free text editor I've seen. Small and fast, with features like open multiple files with tabs, no file size limit, drag-editing, find-and-replace, upper/lower/titlecase changer, toolbar icons, and lots more. FYI, I wrote this entire website in EditPad.
| home | size: 293K | status: freeware | install: no |

Visit EditPad's home

Notetab  Leading-edge text editor and HTML/CSS coding tool that does it all. Without exaggerating: it has LOTS of features. Very advanced. I'd say it has everything most text editors have, and then some. I'm using this instead of Editpad now for editing my webpages.
| home | size: 1.44M | status: freeware | install: yes |

File Utilities

Dariolius  File-splitter. If you want to copy a large file to another computer, split it into floppy disk-sized pieces with this tool. Dariolius automatically creates an accompanying batch file to unsplit it, so there's no need for a restore program at the receiving end.
| home | size: 236K | status: freeware | install: no |

ZipScan  Performs fast file searches which includes looking inside archives. Useful if you have lots of documents archived in ZIP files and need to be able to search for specific documents, or when looking for a particular DLL from a set of CAB installation files, and for Java programmmers who need to search through their JAR archives.
| home | size: 105K | status: freeware | install: no |

Multimedia Tools

IrfanView  The best image viewer I've ever used. It's small, fast and easy to use. It also has powerful editing features such as cropping, resizing, resampling, and various filter effects. Besides being able to view most existing image formats, IrfanView can even play sound, video, and audio CDs!
| home | size: 428K | status: freeware | install: no |

Microsoft GIF Animator  Create your own animated GIF images. Small and easy to use. Originally an applet that's part of Microsoft's pricey Image Composer, available as a free stand-alone program.
| home | size: 1.05M | status: freeware | install: yes |

IconEdit32  A comprehensive yet simple icon editor. Create and modify icons of sizes from 16x16 to 32x32 to 48x48, and of color depths from 2 to 16 to 256 colors. Source included. Look for the Free Utilities section in PC Magazine Online.
| home | size: 538K | status: freeware | install: yes |

IconShop  A small and simple to use icon librarian and manager. Create your own icon libraries, extract from Windows and Macintosh icons, resources, executables and libraries, convert to and from cursor and bitmap files, and more.
| home | size: 44K | status: freeware | install: no |

Desktop Toys

ESheep  Let loose a sheep to wander all over your desktop, trip over the titlebars, bounce on the taskbar, and amuse you with its comic antics as you work. Most entertaining when there's a whole flock of them; run as many instances of ESheep as you like.
| home | size: 300K | status: freeware | install: no |

SIARCG!'s Desktop Christmas Tree  A nice decorative item to adorn your computer screen this time of year. It can play you some holiday tunes and tells you how many days of Christmas shopping left.
| home | size: 377K | status: freeware | install: yes |

System Tools

InCtrl5  You want an uninstall utility but don't want to spend a single buck? This is the poor man's alternative: an installation tracker. It can't uninstall for you; you refer to a generated report and do it manually. For experienced users. Source included. Look for the Free Utilities section in PC Magazine Online.
| home | size: 804K | status: freeware | install: yes |

Clean System Directory  This program scans your system looking for all references to DLL files in your Windows system directory. Those DLLs that are found unused can be moved out of the system directory, improving system performance. Later they can be deleted, saving disk space. For experienced users.
| home | size: 71K | status: freeware | install: yes and no |